History And Current Status

Effective Computing was formed by Mr Austin Dimmer in October 2008. Austin formed the company because he was very frustrated with the performance of voice recognition systems that were available in the market around that time. He felt that there was a great opportunity to bring to market a superior system leveraging the voice recognition systems which ship natively as part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Austin is a long-time user of voice recognition technology and possesses a deep understanding of the state of the art for voice recognition systems running on the Windows platform.  Austin is also an established expert in the field of Ergonomics and Human Computer Interaction, this has made him the ideal candidate to serve as the Chief Software Architect during the developmental phase of VoiceShortCuts.

To date more than 200 market leading software products that run on Windows can be controlled by VoiceShortCuts.

VoiceShortCuts is supported by Effective Computing on all versions of Windows 10.

Drinking Our Own Champaign


At Effective Computing we have a design philosophy of trying to put ourselves in our users shoes. We believe this helps us to create voice command systems that are in closer alignment with real world use cases. Whether you are a hardcore developer, an IT Pro, a Creative Designer or a Business Analyst you can be sure our software has been thoroughly test driven in your domain. The following charts represent logged voice commands for the lead developer over a six year period. There have been around 750,000 voice commands logged. Please take a moment to review the data, we are sure it will surprise you and wake you up to the potential power that VoiceShortCuts opens up.

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